Essay on The Tragic Hero Of Julius Caesar

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A tragic hero: a literary character that makes a judgment error that inevitably leads to his or her own destruction. Although Julius Cesar may not seem as though he is, he is the tragic hero of the play. He was noble enough to go against orders from his superiors. He had flaws of ambition and arrogance; that ultimately lead to his cataclysmic death, making Julius Caesar the tragic hero. While reading the play Julius Caesar, many people may find themselves connecting to Brutus much more than Caesar. Caesar is only in the play a short time, but his part in the play is crucial to Brutus’ fate. Julius Caesar was unquestionably noble. He had rarely second guessed himself and took action on things that he found important. Caesar had been ordered by the Senate to return to Rome with his personal army and remain there as a private citizen. Caesar refused and crossed the Rubicon. As Caesar’s army marches to Rome, senators and Pompey, along with Pompey’s troops, fled. Caesar pursued Pompey and eventually killed him. Caesar did not worry about the Senate and how they would react to his refusal. Some people may look at those actions and say that it was just recklessness or that Caesar was only thinking about himself and not the well-being of his people or Rome. In a way, they would be right, but Caesar followed what he believed was right and carried it out fearlessly. He showed much strength and nobility in making these decisions. Caesar had many flaws. Brutus mentioned the flaw of…

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