The Tragic Hero Of Julius Caesar Essay

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A tragic hero is a character who makes a mistake that leads to their own demise. In Julius Caesar, the tragic hero is Marcus Brutus, Caesar’s close, trusted friend who is a high-ranking Roman citizen. There are four traits that typically characterize a tragic hero, including having a noble stature, being imperfect, having their downfall be their own fault and not the work of fate, and ultimately dying but not without reason or self discovery beforehand. This essay is to examine Brutus underneath the traits of a tragic hero.
The first characteristic of a tragic hero is being noble, and Brutus is noble and honourable. He was well regarded by his friends, colleagues, and the people of Rome. He is shown as being honourable in the play first in act I, scene II when he says, “If it be aught toward the general good, Set honour in one eye and death i’th’other And I will look on both indifferently. For let the gods so speed me as I love The name of honour more than I fear death.” What is meant by these lines is that when concerning the good of the public, he would sooner die than give up his honour. He makes most of his important decisions first asking himself how the result would affect the people of Rome.
The next time he is shown as honourable and to a point selfless is in act II, scene I during the snake ladder snake soliloquy when he says, “And therefore think him as a serpent’s egg (Which, hatch’d, would as his kind grow mischievous) And kill him in the shell.” What this…

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