Essay The Tragedy Of The Great Gatsby

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Honeydew was always trapped beneath the perpetual fabrication that everything was completely fine. In the place he was meant to exist in, the only one who could listen was the same one who caused him pain. Even if he told the truth of how he really felt on the inside, it would only make him feel worse. The lie was better. Telling the truth would only elicit an uninterested response, he believed. There was no point in anything. There was no point in him. But he did have a purpose. He was created for a reason. Even if he was merely a mirror of the original. It was just his only clutch couldn’t express anything anymore.

After suffering the loss of his only friend, Xephos was nothing but broken, unable to show anyone or anything the warmth that was needed. Even he began deteriorating more and more as the days separated kept adding up, and yet, he still took notice that the clone he had made to soften the emotional blow was also beginning to fall victim to the stress as it tried to keep up with his ever changing emotional state. Eventually they both knew that things could only be restored by the real Honeydew waking up from his eternal sleep, but they also knew that it couldn’t happen. Xephos would rather fall apart than force his friend to choose a mortal life. He’d rather do anything as long as he suffered alone for it, but clone Honeydew was all too late to realize as they almost reached the breaking point; a solution desperately decided upon without him knowing.

As they…

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