Antonio The Merchant Of Venice Essay

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The Duke was upset about the penalty, a pound of Antonio 's flesh, but he can’t find any lawful way of freeing Antonio from his bond. Shylock entered the court and the Duke told him that all of the men gathered there expect him to pardon Antonio and forgive the debt. The Duke expected Shylock to forgive Antonio out of mercy, pity, and humanity. He undoubtedly thought Shylock was being cruel after his many recent losses, and that he would eventually forgive Antonio. Out of love, Shylock should forgive Antonio for some of the things that he had done. He had even sent the greatest merchant out of business, which is something to be proud of. I agree with the Duke, and I feel like Antonio should have been forgiven. It was ridiculous to cut a pound …show more content…
She compares it to a gentle rain drop on the ground. A bless for both of them who received it, and the strongest in the strongest people. In addition, the king’s scepter represents higher symbol than a king, the focus of royal authority. But “mercy” is even more superior than that. It is enthroned in the hearts of kings, a quality of God himself with both mercy and justice. Even a prayer is taught about accepting a person’s apology and that is what makes them human. Only those who have a soft heart and are kind enough will be the most powerful and gain respect. However, Shylock did not have an mercy on others like any human would have. So she convinced him with passionate words for the purpose of making Shylock forgive Antonio and end his punishment.
How does Balthazar save Antonio? Using the qualities of mercy you identified in the last question, do you think that they give Shylock a merciful punishment? Why or why not? Be sure to provide a quote with your
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She departed with my cousin for a vacation somewhere for one day while I suffered alone at my grandmother’s house. I was not eager for her love, but I desired her acknowledgment of my existence and for her to praise me for my excellent behavior. Thus, I took revenge on her during this time. I destroyed her clothes out of anger like an uncivilized child. Although I remained calm in order to avoid suspicion, she was furious after she found out the truth. At that point in time, her apathetic behavior was unbearable, so I continued to ignore her for about a year and we fought with each other often. Similarly, Shylock and I both tried to seek revenge out of hatred and we were overflow with emotions. It made us unable to thoroughly think about the consequences of our action. Although I crumbled and destroyed many of her clothes, but it does not make me feel any better. However, Shylock did everything he could to get rid of Antonio even if it would kill him. I was young at that time, but Shylock was a lot older and yet he was immature. He didn’t take pity on Antonio just because he was a Christian and his way of charging people’s

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