The Tragedy Of Julius Caesar Essay

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William Shakespeare was a greatly known writer in the english language. One of the well known plays that Shakespeare wrote was The Tragedy of Julius Caesar. The Tragedy of Julius Caesar is known in history because it was a legitimately true event. In the play Shakespeare wrote, there were many events that took place. One event that illustrates the power of spoken words is when Marcus Antony gave his eulogy at Caesar’s funeral oration. Antony uses the power of spoken words in his speech to win over the audience by using an immense amount of emotion, using objects to get his point across, and by using his interpretation of the murder of Caesar to make the Roman people turn against the conspirators.

In Antony’s eulogy he used a great deal of one of Aristotle’s appeal which is pathos. The appeal pathos means, “elements of a speech that appealed to any of an audience’s sensibilities” (Purdue Owl online). Antony grasped the Roman people’s attention by using his sympathy for Caesar 's death. Antony says, “ He was my friend, faithful and just to me” ( III, ii,86). This shows the people that Antony genuinely cared about Caesar. While Antony was pretraying his sadness to the people Shakespeare also used another one of Aristotle’s appeal which is ethos. Ethos means, “elements of a speech that reflected on the particular character of the speaker or the speech’s author” ( Purdue Owl online). While Antony is giving his speech one plebeian says,”There’s not a nobler man in Rome than…

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