Essay on The Tragedy Of Hamlet By William Shakespeare

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In London during the early seventeenth century William Shakespeare wrote a play called The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark. Eventually, the play was published for the public to read in 1603; since then many other editions became published. Shakespeare created this play to be a tragedy with a dark and contemplative tone. For years, including my present time this play has created two types of audiences: 1.) people who will debate if he is completely insane and 2.) People who believes he is in fact sane. Being a psychology major, Hamlet’s mind and what he endures, intrigues me the most. To me the most profound theme of this play is the impossibility of certainty, which creates controversy among its audience. The theme of impossibility of certainty simply represents that life situations can make over take one’s mind. Therefore, the perception of life events and the attitudes resulting from those experiences form the basis of what is interpreted as truthfully real or deceitfully illusory for the conscience being. Whether that produces instability the in conscience of the perceiver or not, the struggle. From my perspective, I believe that Hamlet is like any normal person. He is not completely insane or sane, but moves through different degrees of both states; dependent upon the stress he puts upon himself through his mindset towards whatever tragic event he faces during the play. Impossibility of certainty will make any human or living organism mad. Hamlet’s thoughts and…

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