The Tragedy Of Greek Tragedy Essay examples

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Greek tragedy is most definitely defined as a tragedy, because of the common knowledge that everyone dies at the end. However, the question between artists and fellow art appreciators is what defines a tragedy? At the Academy Awards how is it possible to pick one film over all of the others? Aristotle answered this question back in his lifetime of 384-322 B.C. Aristotle’s opinion of a true Tragedy is still effective to this day. His favorite play, and best example of a tragedy, is Oedipus Rex, this Greek tragedy has all the aspects that Aristotle considers to contain the greatest playwright in history. Modern day films are not the same as the Greek tragedies Aristotle studied, but they do have many of the same aspects. The three main things a tragedy must posses is the protagonist, the character most identifiable or relatable, a hubris, defined as the fall of the main hero, and a catharsis, the ability for the audience to experience both fear and pity. The film that is going to be discussed in this paper is The Help, it contains the protagonist Skeeter Phelan who goes through the Hubris as she interviews the black women of her community, and the audience experiences the catharsis as they watch the events unfold before their eyes. Skeeter Phelan is a wealthy, white woman in the Jackson, Mississippi and is the identifiable of the characters because of her attitude toward the civil rights movement. Although it may seem like there are several protagonists, but it is believed…

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