The Tragedy Of Antigone By William Shakespeare Essay

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Drama Essay In the Tragedy of Antigone, we see a young girl who has been cursed her entire life starting with her father marrying his own mother to her brothers being killed at the hands of one another. Since Antigone is the daughter of Oedipus, who can also be considered a Greek Tragedy because he also contained a tragic flaw while not, being able to escape the fate of the Gods. This play shows Antigone as a strong protagonist character where she becomes a tragedy herself, while contributing to the tragedy of others, and all the while exemplifying her tragic flaw through out the play thus proving how much of a tragic character she really is. In the play Antigone is able to represent the tragic hero in more ways than one. Antigone has her undoubted loyalty to her family and the Gods. While at the same time she has her intense disloyalty to her King and Uncle Creon. Creon is also so determined that Antigone will not have her way, “But as for his blood brother, Polynices, who returned from exile, home to his father-city and the gods of his race, consumed with one desire-to burn them roofs to roots—who thirsted to drink his kinsmen… No, he must be left unburied (Sophocles 490).” So while Antigone is stubborn, Creon is just as stubborn, which does not help Antigone’s tragic flaw. She also has her stubbornness that keeps her from listening to anyone but herself. She refuses to not let her brother go with out a burial I. Antigone is so determined to have her brother buried…

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