Essay on The Tragedy Of Antigone And The Detroit Public Schools

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In life, there are many situations in which our actions conflicts with society. We as a people must decide whether to follow laws our society makes or listen to our conscience. In the drama of “Antigone” and the “Detroit Public Schools” article shows acts of civil disobedience. On multiple occasions the main character Antigone showed compassion and love for her two brothers. Antigone felt it was wrong for King Creon to bury Eteocles and leave Polyneices unburied. Next, in the DPS article, teachers and the students from Cass Tech and Renaissance high school stood together. The teachers and students were fighting over the lack of educational resources and building problems. Lastly, in the article, “Letter from Birmingham Jail” Martin Luther King, Jr wrote about his opposite views to the Clergyman. King argued that the Clergyman should have acknowledged the black panthers for their bravery not the police officers who were “Keeping the Peace.” The characters Antigone, Martin Luther King, Jr, and the DPS teachers and students have faced important decisions and the outcome determined the future for the community and for themselves. Antigone from the epic poem “Antigone”, on two occasions showed civil disobedience. Moreover, Antigone’s brothers Polyneices and Eteocles both murdered each other during their war. Soon after their death Antigone’s uncle King Creon raised to power. King Creon ordered Eteocles to be buried with honors for being the fallen king and Polyneices to be…

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