The Tradition Of Story And The Torah Essay

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The tradition of story has been a part of human tradition for centuries teaching us valuable life lessons and taking us on an elaborate adventure. One of the most influential stories is contained in the Bible. The most notable being the first five books called the Torah. Encompassed in the Torah is the creation of the world and God’s nation, Israel.
The Torah as previously stated, contains five books arranged in the following order: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Number, and Deuteronomy. The narrative through these five books follows the journey of the Israelites, from the birth of the family lineage from Abraham to the slavery of God’s people in Egypt, continuing to the freedom they obtain and God’s promises: he will never forsake them nor ever leave them. This is done in a story containing unique characters and story lines containing unique subject matter.
Numbers 22:1-35 tells the story of King Balak. With Israel entering the land of
Moab, King Balak feels threatened and decides the cursing of the Israelites is the best decision. To curse the people of Israel he calls upon Balaam who is told by Balak to curse the Jewish people bu instead is commanded to bless them by Israel’s God. The following paragraphs will critically view the passage in the aspect of the pagan main character, the opening of the donkey mouth and potential discrepancy in the text.
If one takes a closer look at this story we see the narrative extremely different. We see Israel being protected…

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