Summary Of The King Of Moab

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After the children of Israel had defeated the Amorites kings, they journeyed and encamped in the plains of Moab, on the east side of the Jordan river at Jericho. When Balak the king of Moab saw all that Israel had done to the Amorite kings, Moab was terrified and Moab went to the elders of Midian and paid prophet Balaam a foreteller to curse the children of Israel. However, the Lord came to Balaam and ask him of the company of people he was with, and he told the Lord that Balak wanted him to curse the children of Israel, and the Lord told Balaam, not to go with them, and not to curse the children of Israel because they are blessed, yet Balaam rose up and went with them because he was paid
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However, the children of Israel took all their riches and saved their female virgins whom they held captives (Numbers 31:1-54). The Bible later told us that the five Midianite kings who died in the hands of Moses were the princes of Sihon, the Amorite king who reigned in Heshbon who was previously defeated by Moses. When king Sihon conquered the territories of Moab, he did not eliminate their kings, but rather had them served as kings in these territories which was then part of his kingdom (Joshua 13:21-22; numbers 21:26-29; Deuteronomy …show more content…
The first woman was Ruth a Moabite woman who found favor with God and she became the mother of Obed the grandfather of David, of which made Ruth an ancestress of Jesus Christ (Ruth 1:1-4; 4:17-22; Matthew 1:5). The second person was Naamah an Ammonite wife of Solomon who was the mother of Rehoboam the son of Solomon, who was an ancestor of Jesus Christ (1 kings 14:21, 31; 2 Chronicles 12:13; Matthews 1:1, 7). When the children of Israel sinned against God, it was Eglon the king of Moabite who allied with Ammonite, and the Amalekites, and went and smote Israel, and they possessed the city of Palm Tree (Jericho) from them and enslaved the children of Israel for eighteen years, and when the Lord delivered the children of Israel out from the hands of these people, the Israelites slew 10,000 Moabites, all strong, courageous men and not a man escaped (Judges 3:12-30; Deuteronomy 34:3; 2 Chronicles 28:15). The children Moab, Ammon, Ishmaelites, Amalek, Edom, the Philistines and the Assyria were all mixed multitude, intermingled and intermarried together with the Ethiopians throughout ancient world, and were also allies (Psalm 83:5-9; Jeremiah 25:20-25; Genesis 36:35; Habakkuk 3:7; 2 chronicles 21:16). The Moabites as I mentioned earlier were the descendants of Lot the nephew of

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