The Town Of Tress Camarones The Daily Life Of Nayeli And Her Friends

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In the town of Tress Camarones the daily life of Nayeli and her friends is a simple life but it lacks adventure and the girl’s spend most of their free time dreaming of how beautiful things are in the United States. They absorb different cultures throw a computer that was given to them by a friend name Matt who was station there because he was a missioner. All the girls and Tacho have their own unique personalities and ideas of what life must be like in the United States. During one day when the girls go out to catch crabs Nayeli had notice how the crabs would climb to the top of the bucket, but another crab would drag it down. That’s when Nayeli compared herself stating “that’s us, that’s Mexico” that is one comparison to the life in the world that Nayeli and her friends are living in (28). The struggle that society has placed on these characters is like the symbol of the crab, which has no support to get out of the hole it is in. Nayeli and her friend’s decide to bring back seven men to their dying world, (which is Tres Camarones) as a way of rejuvenating their town. Through their journey to Tijuana there are different conflicts presented to the characters in which they were unaware of and the different borders they must face in order to get to the real border. One of the conflicts of a symbolist border is demonstrated when the Mexican soldiers pull the bus over. In that scene the soldiers are looking for what they call “Mojados” which they are referring to immigrants who…

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