The Totalitarian Form Of Government Essay

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There are several forms of government in the world. The Totalitarian form of government is one in which one person (a dictator) controls the citizens of a country in a coercive manner. There is no freedom and every aspect of life is controlled. It even controls the beliefs and values of the society and also interferes in the private life of individuals. North Korea is an example of this form of government as well as, Adolf Hitler in Nazi Germany. Similarly, under communism, founded by Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin, all means of production are owned in common, rather than by individuals. But, Communism thinks in terms of the society as a whole and it is the community that makes all major decisions. There is equality between all people (classless) and people should work for the government and the collective output should be redistributed equally. Along the same lines, in Socialist countries, the government manages and controls the economy, as in China, where the government controls the manufacturing industry which generates profits for the government through the export of electronics, toys and other consumer goods. Socialism is placed in between capitalism and communism because the profit of goods and services are produced specifically for their usefulness and distributed among the society or workforce to complement individual wages rather than the government in Communism or the corporate conglomerate in Capitalism.
Antecedent, and probably the oldest form of…

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