The Toleration Of Inhumanity By Granville Sharp Essay

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The History of Slavery

“The toleration of slavery, is in effect, a toleration of inhumanity” the famous quote by Granville Sharp symbolizes to level of inhumanity at its lowest in regards to slavery as a whole. There are many famous stories and legends about characters who stood up against this barbaric thing called slavery. Many records of mass slave importation from Africa, slave trade,life and extreme miscare for those who sadly found themselves in such a position to be called slaves. The period in human history in which slavery was employed has many twists and turns, as well as many horrible effects on large populations of african and african-american people such as mass separation from families and homeland and mass mortality rates due to various uncivilized reasons, all of which are simply unacceptable in the present day. Ever since the modern human appeared on the scene of evolution, the idea of superiority between races has always been a widely addressed issue. To satisfy this seemingly never ending lust, from the very beginning, the general concept of slavery has always existed. From the oldest records of ancient empires such as Ancient Egypt, China, the Akkadian Empire and Ancient Greece, the concept of slavery in any given form has always existed. Maturing as time went on, the idea of slavery transformed into a complex and detailed system of trade where slaves were separated from their families and transported to different countries around the…

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