The Time Management And Learning Strategies Essay

794 Words Aug 26th, 2016 4 Pages
As a mature aged student studying via distance education, it can sometimes be difficult to self-manage and find a healthy balance between life, work and study. Additionally, information overload can prove overwhelming, hindering proper memory retention, after having been out of the learning environment for numerous years. Discovering what strategies work best is an individual process of trial, error and re-evaluation. The time management and learning strategies I will explore to counteract these challenges are the Covey time management matrix, to-do lists, note taking and reflective journaling.
As one the major fundamentals in the success of online self-directed learning is time management, it seemed prudent to start with addressing this challenge first. Describing time management as a misnomer better defined as self-management, Covey (1990) suggests deconstructing, evaluating and prioritising activities based on significance towards long term goals. Subsequent to reading Covey (1990), I decided to clearly define what my long term goals are and analyse which activities are beneficial to these objectives. In order to clearly identify time wasting activities, reduce stress and prioritise what is important, actions and events were sorted into the four quadrants representing the time management matrix. A report by Theiss (2013) highlights stress as being caused by a time management imbalance, which can be rectified using the time management matrix by Covey. Consequent to this…

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