The Tiger 's Wife Essay

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Meeting with the deathless man in the novel The Tiger’s Wife, I was taken back by his pleasant demeanor. Throughout the novel, there are many variations of how people conceptualize death. From the villagers sacrificing themselves to kill the tiger to the gypsy diggers finding the carcass of a family member, people’s view of death’s importance is diverse. Throughout these groups there is a common fear of death, how it affects others, as well as what will happen to your soul afterwards. Yet, the aspect of death acts as a motivation for many characters in the story, rather than a defeat. When hearing the phrase, “the Deathless Man” I often correlate that with fear and avoidance, so I was surprised to recognize a more pleasant side to death, which the Deathless Man illuminated.
During the grandfather’s first meeting with the deathless man, we are able to see the fear that comes over the grandfather. He does not yet know that the deathless man, formerly known as Gavran Gailé is immortal, and questions how Gavran is still alive. As Gavran woke, the pleasant demeanor in which he spoke, as if he were talking to an old friend, shocked the grandfather. Garvan 's pleasant demeanor is essential in shaping the grandfather’s perception of death, as well as how he views the world around them. This first encounter startled the grandfather, but made him begin to question the meaning of death. It makes me question as a reader, are people actually fighting to defy death, or are they living to…

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