The Thyroid Other Wise Known As Essay

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The thyroid other wise known as ““Gland Central”” because it influences almost every organ, tissue, and cell in the body”(Medical Dictionary). If the thyroid produces too much or too little thyroxin then the body cannot function as efficiently as it would with a normal thyroid, Hypothyroidism or underactive thyroid develops when the thyroid fails to produce as much thyroxin as the body needs (Medical Dictionary). Some people are born with this condition, however it can also develop in childhood and as a person ages, regardless of how it develops once it does this disease effects many aspects of a persons life such as energy levels and sleeping habits. There are also steps to be taken once you have the disease in order to lessen the effects on your body and the symptoms such as taking medicine and proper diet and exercise.
When a person has the disease hypothyroidism their body does not produce enough thyroxin. Thyroxin or T4 is produced in the thyroid gland. The thyroid stores iodine the body gets from food and uses it to create thyroxin (Medical Dictionary). Hypothyroidism depending on the severity of the disease is something that is treated for life. An organ in the person’s body does not function properly and the only way to for sure rectify it is for the person with the disease to take the medicine. As far as a prognosis goes unless there is some way to restore the thyroid or make it work properly with out the medicine then the best a person can hope for is their…

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