Personal Narrative: How Cancer Has Affected My School Work

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It has been about a year since I found out I had cancer. Having cancer affected my school work, my taekwondo training, and my emotional and physical self. In November of 2014, after being sick for months, my father brought me to the doctor to see what was going wrong with me. After being examined by the doctor, she told me I had strep throat and my neck was swollen because of it. She told me that if the swelling in my neck didn't go down in a few months I was to make another appointment to see her. Months went by and the swelling did not go down. My neck seemed to have a hard lump in it. I went back to the doctor and she ordered that I was to get a sonogram of the lump in my neck. The sonogram came back inconclusive so I had to go to the hospital to get a cell biopsy. …show more content…
I had to get needles poked in and out of my neck to collect cell samples of the mass. I wasn't allowed to swallow during the process, which lasted about 30 minutes, it was quite painful. About two weeks later, the results came back inconclusive. I was informed that I had to get surgery to remove the lump in my neck. Since the mass was located behind my thyroid, I had to get part of my thyroid removed during the surgery. The surgery date was planned for may 2015. The month before my surgery, I went to the hospital about 1-2 times a week to do get prepared for the surgery and have my neck examened. I was out of school a lot and I became behind on my work and I missed valuabe training time for the nationals. At this time I was very stressed. I was worried about my grades, the nationals and above all, my health. I was afraid that something serious might happen to me during my

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