Analysis Of Police Use Of Force

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This article summarizes the research done on police use of force. First, the author describes the role of police in society, helping the author get a better understanding of police work. The three elements of the police role are defined as being armed, protecting, and participating. Police being armed gives them coercive abilities because of the constant, underlying possibility that they can use deadly force. The police role of protection gives them charge to their use of force and extends to all civilians, including those violate the law. Protecting civilians and offenders alike is what limits the use of force powers of police. While trying to protect themselves and others, the use of force should be proportional and the least amount …show more content…
To start, it’s certain that, no matter how researchers measures it, police force is used infrequently in all police-public interactions. However, different definitions of force and/or police-public interactions yields different results. For example, broad definitions of use of force and narrow definitions police-public interactions produce higher rates of use of force. Next, use of force statistically involves more minor, weaponless use of force. This findings are consistent with policies requiring officers to use the least amount of force while accomplishing their goal. Lastly, use of force occurs most often during an attempted pursuit of a suspect or an arrest where the suspect resists. This is based on arrest statistics, surveys of police officers, observations of police behavior, and reports by the public about police …show more content…
The amount of wrongful use of force, the impact of different organizational practices on excessive use of force (i.e. administrative policies, hiring, training, etc.), and the impact of situational characteristics (i.e. fleeing suspects, resisting arrest, etc.) on use of force are all areas that the author believes need more research. In these cases, it has either not been studied or needs more to determine the reliability and validity of other research. These topics would create a lot of insight that some probably don’t want to be aware of. Some of this research would make departments feel forced to change, something that is not indicative of an institution with significant amounts of bureaucracy. The author’s hope is that through research done and that he wants done, it will be possible to understand the root causes of use of force. Through this, the author hopes to direct on how to regain control and redirect the outcome to avoid the use of

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