Rodney King Case Study

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Rodney King’s case has become one of the most controversial cases in American history. The case in which King was a victim of excessive police force. It exposed the horrific truth of what police forces were capable of doing. The following excerpt of the incident is provided by "Long Road to Justice - Policing the Police and Prosecuting the Klan."
“The beating of Rodney King by officers of the Los Angeles Police Department on March 3, 1991, captured on videotape and broadcasted around the world, shocked America. The tape all but confirmed the officers ' use of excessive force and exposed to the public longstanding racial tensions in Los Angeles, with which its residents were all too familiar. The state prosecution of the four officers involved
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Excessive force is considered to be any type of force that is uncalled for. Statistics show that the number of police brutality has been constantly rising. According to "2010 Annual Report." The amount of incidents reported that involve police brutality are 4,861 over the course of two months and they involved 6,613 police officers. Taking into consideration that, a portion of the incidents involving police brutality aren’t always reported. It’s almost universally agreed that police forces are supposed to serve a purpose for the public, to serve and protect the public. But they’re should be a common understanding as to where the line has to be drawn. There has to be a line where it is acknowledged that the police force is becoming excessive. And when it does become excessive police officers should be held accountable for it. There are common links between the majority of the cases that involve police brutality. One of the main factors is excess aggression, it can be said that sometimes it’s a result of fear, but there are many different …show more content…
According to "5 Things to Know about Michael Brown 's shooting," Michael Brown, an 18 year old African American male was shot and killed by Darren Wilson on August 9th 2014. There is confusion as to what events happened leading up to the point where Wilson shot Michael Brown. But what is known is that Brown was unarmed and that he was shot multiple times, even after he put his hands in the air and told Wilson not to shoot. Multiple witnesses included Dorian Johnson, said that Brown did not pose a threat to Wilson. The main reason Brown was stopped by police is because he was a main suspect to a convenience store robbery. Even if Wilson was involved in an altercation with Brown there is no real justification for the multiple shots that were fired. It is clearly agreed that Brown had his hands up and that he was unarmed, and that Wilson continued to fire the shots even after he was aware that Brown was unarmed. It was a use of excessive force. Michael Browns case has provoked riots in Ferguson, Missouri where the incident happened. Which have resulted in even more police brutality. It’s a very dangerous situation, riots are breaking out and state of emergency was recently declared because the grand jury is going to release the verdict of the case, evoking further reaction from protestors. According to CNN Darren Wilson has not been detained and is on paid administrative

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