Essay on The Three Critical Individual Variables

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In a short essay, list and discuss the three critical individual variables that would affect how individuals approach resolving an ethical dilemma (Interactionist Model).
The three critical individual variables are ego strength, field dependence and locus of control. The following three were developed by Linda Trevino; she believed the ethical decision can explain by the interaction of individual and situational components. To resolve an ethical dilemma Trevino believed this is a cognitive moral development stage. According to Trevino the ego strength individuals follow their convictions and resist impulse decisions. Field dependence uses external information to help an unclear matter. There are two type of locus of control one is to internal locus of control and external locus of control. The internal locus of control individual believes they can control the activity. The external locus a person sees the outcome as is and has no control of the outcome.
In addition to the three variables, there are also situational variable for the work environment; immediate job context, organizational culture, and characteristics of work. When one is rewarded or punished on how they behave ethically results in is an immediate job context. Having the ability to make decisions of authority, given freedom, and accountability is an organizations culture, which gives the employee a moral boost. Being able to “mature” an increase your moral development because one is able expand…

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