The Threats And Dangers Of The Everglades National Park

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Register to read the introduction… Many people have high hopes that these steps will help increase the numbers of rare, threatened and endangered species. The Everglades is home to many different species and is the largest multi-ecosystem in the United States.
The efforts to restore the Everglades natural flow of water keeps getting delayed. According to (World Wildlife Foundation, 2011) “The state of Florida enacted a law in May 2003 that reneges on Florida's responsibilities under the state-federal deal to restore the Everglades.” This means that this law will allow sugarcane farmers to continue to pollute the water in the Everglades. However, if the pollution continues the U.S congress will revoke federal funding of $4 billon dollars. This will cause Florida taxpayers to have to cover this amount of money to restore the Everglades.
There is another big problem going on in the Everglades National park. This problem is the snake invasion. There are about 10,000 Burmese Python snakes lose in the Everglades National Park. These snakes are from Asia but were brought to the U.S.A by snake lovers and breeders. The problem is they get big very fast and this causes people to not be able to care for them anymore. People than look for a quick way to get rid of these snakes with a chance of survival. The Everglades is a perfect spot for a snake to be released into the wild. Although this is illegal it still does not stop people from letting the snakes lose into the
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The nursery can be used as a way to teach people about nature and how precious each living creature is to this planet. It can educate people on the dangers of the wild and how to keep safe. It can also educate people on first aide what to do if bitten by a snake.
It can also teach people all about the many different ecosystems that live there. The nursery can be a great teaching tool and a wonderful way to bring back and restore the life of many different species that live in the everglades national park. The park can ask for a donation from each person who enters the nursery. This money can be used towards paying for the costs of the nursery. This money will be used for the maintenance of the building, the electricity used, the food and medical care for the animals.
If the intrusion of the Burmese snakes goes unchecked it could cause major problems. According to (Animals Eating Animals, 2010) “The encroachment of Burmese pythons into the Everglades could threaten an $8 billion restoration project and endanger smaller species.”If the water flow is not restored many more species will become extinct. This is because many species depend on the water in order to survive. The problem is the water is drying up more and more every year killing many different species in the

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