The Threat Of The United States Army Essay

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The world is experiencing rapid changes in the security sector and this has alarmed the United States Army to seek various ways through which it can transform itself to meet the global security needs. More operations have been carried out in the previous decade and therefore this is a clear evidence that global environment is changing and even tighter operations shall be required in the near future. In this regard, the position of the US Army could be best understood using the contemporary operational environment (COE) (Ott & U.S. 2002). COE is basically the operational environment including the composite conditions that influence the employment of the military forces for the sake of the current and the near future. The COE defines the potential threats to security with reference to technology, modernization and globalization which affect the process of decision making of the armed forces of the unit commander (Ott & U.S. 2002). Guatemala is a country that has triggered the stability state of the COE for the army of the United States considering how the rate of crime and violence has doubled through the past decade. The United States army has felt some threats from Guatemala and this requires them to take some military actions to ensure that the environment is safe. However, the United States army would be required to make some considerations before invading Guatemala using the contemporary operational environment approach (Ott & U.S. 2002).
First, the US will have to…

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