The Threat Of Nuclear Power Plants Essay

772 Words Apr 7th, 2016 4 Pages
As nuclear power plants emit nuclear energy that are sought out to be more beneficial than harmful, are you aware of the dangers that accommodate this resource? To assist in educating the general public about these power plants that mankind has greatly relied on, it is of my privilege to present the primary information of power plants followed by one of the top, level 7, catastrophic disaster of all time caused by this source. Collectively, worldwide, there are a total of 440 commercial nuclear reactor (and 65 that are currently being constructed), 240 research reactors, and 180 nuclear reactors that operate 140 ships and submarine (“Nuclear Power in the World Today”). In the United States alone, Nuclear power plants provide the nation with approximately twenty percent of overall power (“Nuclear Power Plants”). According to the Department of Homeland Security, the purpose of these power plants is to generate heat from nuclear fission into an aid that will convert water to steam which will then ultimately assist in the production of electricity. With this benefit comes a downside, when faced with an accident, unstable atoms from these plants can be carried with the wind which will emit excess energy known as radiation. Initially, nuclear power was mainly developed in the 1940s to serve as weaponry in forms of bombs for the Second World War; this was done by “splitting the atoms of particular isotopes of either uranium or plutonium” (“Nuclear Power in the World Today”).…

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