The Threat Of Antibiotic Resistance Essay example

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Britain’s Chief Medical Officer believes that antibiotic resistance should be ranked with terrorism as “one of the major threats to society” (Cribb, 2013, p. 47). The World Health Organisation (WHO) has taken these unnerving words into consideration as a potential threat towards society and, as a result, made this issue the main focus of World Health Day 2011. The World Health Organisation warned global citizens that “inaction today will lead to many deaths in the future” (Cribb, 2013, p. 47). Antibiotics that are inappropriately or needlessly used cause a threat to civilization as they provide the base for development of what scientists today refer to as ‘superbugs’ (Whitby, 2013, para. 13). Superbugs are “strains of bacteria that have morphed into a state of resistance against manmade antibiotics” (Leichman, 2014, para. 5). These strains of bacteria develop when they are regularly exposed to a particular type of antibiotic or antimicrobial over a period of time. This common exposure to antibiotics causes the microorganisms to “mutate and develop resistance to the action of this drug” (Whitby, 2013, para. 13). This situation leads to many problems. Once the bacteria has mutated into a superbug, it can no longer effectively be destroyed by the antibiotic previously used for the disease or infection. Consequently, the death of many people from around the world is solely due to antibiotics that can no longer effectively kill the bacteria that causes the patient’s disease or…

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