Thomas Kilmann Conflict Model

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In the Thomas Kilmann Conflict Model, Accommodating is unassertive and cooperative which is the opposite of competing. It might take the form of selfless generosity or charity, allowing another person to have their own way and tolerating decisions that they not like. In accommodating, individual neglects his or her own concerns to satisfy the concerns of the other person, allows questionable decisions to go ahead, bends the rules and self-scarify. They tend to see conflicts as social issues to be settled with sensitivity and support as well as believe that generosity will eventually be rewarded in kind(Thomas and Kilmann 2001). They often see compassion and friendship as more important than the minor issues involved in most conflicts
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This is it?” and precisely conveys what he feels like the situation. Phuru on the other hand does not say anything, he deliberately ignoring or withdrawing from a conflict rather than facing it. In this situation, Phuru can be indicated that he is avoiding in the Thomas Kilmann Conflict Model when dealing with this conflict. Another example is when Todd asks Phuru whether he can take a long trip to recover a shipment that has been sent to the wrong location, Phuru declines in a very indirect manner by saying that he is no problem for that, but he want to sleep for two hours first so that can come back for the interviews and makes sure his mother get to the hospital. In this situation, Phuru not intend to help Todd but tend to be avoiding, he is tend to postponing an issue until a better time or simply withdrawing from a threatening situation. In the scene that a cow appears in the offices, Todd flabbergasted, while Phuru remains unfazed. In this situation, Todd is not intensely avoid and address the conflict but do nothing indicating that he is in line of avoiding In the Thomas Kilmann Conflict Model. When Phuru announces that he plans to marry her girlfriend named Bhagyashree Sasamunde, Todd questions: “Baggy who?” And when Phuru explains to Todd about the Indian festival day of Holi, Todd inquires: “Holy what?” There is language barrier between them, but in this situation, they are not further dealing with this but tend to postponing it until a better time or simply withdrawing from the situation. Todd is also avoiding in the situation of when all Indian workers calls him "Mr. Toad." Since he deliberately ignores or withdrawing from a conflict rather than facing it.When Todd knowing Phuru’s pending marriage and he may loss his girlfriend

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