The Third Stage Is Centered Around Identity Vs. Role Confusion

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The fifth stage is centered around identity vs. role confusion. In this stage on struggles with resolving identity and direction and becoming a grown up. I asked questions about my relationships with other people because the people you are surrounded with can have a strong influence on your identity. When I asked if I fit in with people and/or my friend group, she said, “Our school was very cliquey so you fit in with our friend group but not necessarily with everyone”. This connects with the next question I ask her about how different people perceived me because it shows that I wasn’t close with most people even though I was friendly. I asked about other people’s thoughts on me because some people view themselves from a mixture of other people’s perception of their own identity instead of just their own and have a constantly changing image of themselves (Lawler). When I asked Sandra how she thought my identity was perceived by different people, she said, “Not gonna lie, some people told me you were weird. Some people though you were quiet. Some people just didn’t understand you. But family and close friends saw the real you”. This shows a contrast of perspectives on my identity from other people. That fact that she refers her idea of my identity as the “real me” shows that who I seem to be changes in different environments and that one doesn’t know the real me unless they have seen me in many environments like she has. I wasn’t surprised at her answer for this question…

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