The Things They Carried By Tim O ' Brien Essay

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The story The Things They Carried by Tim O’ Brien takes place in the Vietnam War. The author Tim O’ Brien narrates the story of how was it like being a soldier. Also while sharing many of his war stories, it’s becomes interesting how it leads to the stories of other soldiers that he knew during the war. Many young soldiers went to war. It can be seen that Tim O’Brien and other soldiers changed from boys to men. Tim O’ Brien has achieved his first kill in the Vietnam War. Due to this, his perception of the war changes in a way that he starts to understand the reality of war. For example, After he killing the Vietnamese soldier, he then observes the soldier’s body for a very long time. He takes in every single little detail of the dead soldier, his face, clothes, and other things on the body. After looking at its poor physical conditions, he starts to imagine things in a way that he understands how the dead soldier lived. Tim thinks that “Even as a boy growing up in the village of My Khe, he had often worried about this.” (Page 127) What this quote demonstrates is that Tim O’ Brien as a young soldier understands that even his enemy has life ahead of him just as he does and his enemy doesn’t want to fight, but rather pursue his career. This is a breathtaking for Tim as he is still speechless and isn’t responding to Kiowa as if Tim is in his own world.
The two young soldiers Dave Jensen and Lee Strunk had a tense relationship with each other. Strunk and Jensen…

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