The Things They Carried By Tim O ' Brien Essays

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The Vietnam War was a war that introduced a new level of warfare. The Vietnam War a war fought with heavy firepower caused the lives of many brave American soldiers. In the story “The Things They Carried” by Tim O’ Brien emphasizes on the heavy burden American soldiers carried during the Vietnam War. As the war rose with misery, American soldiers began to rebel against it. Lastly, the theme of the story is to pay a tribute for the brave 2.5 million American soldiers who gave their lives during the Vietnam War. As the story takes setting in the fearful jungles of Vietnam, Lieutenant Jimmy Cross and his men carried heavy firepower in order to demolish the opposing Vietcong forces. In the first indication “In addition to the three standard weapons –the M-60,M-16 and the M-79 –they carried whatever presented itself, or whatever seemed appropriate as a means of killing or staying alive.” (pg.472) clearly indicates that American infantry were prepared to face a Vietcong onslaught. However, during the war most of the gear carried by American infantry was inessential. Due to the inessential gear they carried it added unnecessary weight causing immobility which lead them vulnerable to imminent Vietcong attacks. In fact, due to this issue most American infantry often got wounded or got killed. However, even though American infantry heavily relied on air superiority and heavy artillery, the Vietcong forces relied on deadly guerilla tactics. Guerilla tactics used by the Vietcong…

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