The Therapeutic Recreation Ontario Definition Essay

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The Therapeutic Recreation Ontario defines TR as “The purpose of TR is to enable all individuals to achieve quality of life and optimal health through meaningful participation in recreation and leisure.” (About Therapeutic Recreation, n.d.) I always believed our therapeutic recreation (TR) department was providing meaningful activities that enhanced our residents’ quality of life. Prior to taking this course, I felt I had a good understanding of the TR process and that the programs provided by my department were genuinely therapeutic to the residents. Even after taking this course, I still believe that our recreation department offers quality programs with therapeutic benefits. However, taking this course has served as an evaluation tool for our TR services. I have identified gaps in our therapeutic process. I have learned how to create goals and objectives to get attainable TR outcomes for residents with responsive behaviours and how to select a modality to meet the desired TR goals.

I am the director of recreation therapy and volunteer services for a 111-bed nursing home. As the recreation director, I assessed all residents that arrive in our facility using the same process. I completed a leisure assessment within two weeks. With the information, I gathered from the assessment, I created a TR goal and objectives that I believed improved the resident’s quality of life.
The TR goals I developed for the resident were general and included…

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