The Theory Of Workplace Motivation Essay

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The theory of workplace motivation that will be the focus of this assignment is culminating a positive, motivational work environment to increase the productivity and success of team members. The work environment must provide these team members with adequate motivators, as this will result in the best outcome for both the employees involved as well as the employers.

Foss, N. & Lindenberg, S. (2012). Teams, team motivation, and the theory of the firm. Managerial and Decision Economics, 33, 369-383.
This article focuses on the importance of both team production and management in the work environment. It is incredibly necessary for the team and management to be able to work together in a positive, productive manner; when collaboration is successful between these two groups, the motivation encountered in that particular work environment increases (which contributes to the increase in success for that organization). This article is able to provide various examples on how team members can best contribute to the overall mission of the team. Examples such as having a common goal and working together in a positive and supportive manner can help increase the productivity that a team displays.
This article has several examples of studies and research done regarding the concept of teams in the workplace. However, not all of the studies complement each other. Several of the studies showcase extreme differences; the authors of this article are able to aptly collect the important…

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