The Theory Of The Nursing Theory Essay

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The nursing theory that best fit the intended nursing intervention is the Self-Care Theory. Dorothea Orem developed this theory. According to Orem, “health is a state characterized by wholeness of developed human structures and of bodily and mental functioning” (Olin, 2011). It also “includes physical, psychological, interpersonal and social aspects” (Olin, 2011). Orem’s major assumptions were that people should take responsibility and have a lifestyle that promotes self-care behaviors. “She said that a person 's knowledge of potential health problems is necessary for promoting self-care behaviors” (Olin, 2011). Therefore, engaging patients in their own care is vital because it promotes a sense of entitlement, making them realize they are part of the decision making process. It also increases the level of compliance. It is vital for the newly diagnosed T2DM patient to understand self-care behaviors that will improve their management of blood glucose: these patients will be measuring their own blood sugar levels daily, in addition to eating healthy and exercises. The Self-Care Theory also covers psychological needs, which is a good fit for the proposed intervention change. The nurse must assess the psychological and emotional needs of the patient during the diagnosis phase. “Nurses should consider mediating the conflict between patients’ emotions and self-care actions” (de Carvalho, dos Santos & de Souza, 2014). The nurse must also assess patients’ readiness to learn before…

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