The Theory Of Teletransportation In Travel, Not Death

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There is debate on just what exactly is personal identity and what makes someone the same person over the years. This is also goes hand in hand with the question of what would happen if someone used a teletransporter, a device that could send someone across the galaxy by scanning a person and sending a duplicate copy to the destination while destroying the original. Some would say that this would result in death, while others think it is merely travel and this all depends on the view taken for personal identity. The answer is that teletransportation would result in travel, not death because personal identity is a matter of psychological continuity. This can be shown by explaining what the psychological continuity personal identity theory is and how it is different to the memory theory, the issues …show more content…
The psychological continuity theory is a theory on personal identity that does not rely on the body, mind, or memory but instead focuses on continuous psychological states or time-slices. These time-slices are many different moments through a person’s life that hold their psychological identity at that moment in time. The time-slice of myself ten

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