The Theory Of Social Control Essay example

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Week 2, Paper 1
Jonathan Lowen

“Over the last several decades, historians and sociologist have devoted increasing attention to the phenomenon of social control – the mechanism by which powerful groups consciously or unconsciously attempt to restrain and induce conformity, even assent, among less powerful but nonetheless threatening segments of society. Laws, institutions such as schools and prisons, medical policies, informal gestures of approbation or displeasure, even forms of language – all may constitute forms of social control"....“The control achieved may be merely external, as when people are force to do things against their wills; or it may be internal, so thoroughly absorbed by its subjects that they come to monitor and correct their own deviations from prescription.” (Rafter as published in Latessa & Holsinger, 2001). Society evolved through a series of social control methods necessitated by the formation of urban centers throughout the history of mankind. Many of these changes were orchestrated by the ruling class.
According to Sprierenburg, the origins of social control can be traced to the idea of repression; the action of subduing someone or something by force. Social control, formed as a functional need in response to urbanization and the eventual formations of states. Prior to the formations of states, the world was governed by a feudal system where the lord of the land ruled as the default highest authority. Author P. W. A. Immink’s…

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