How Did Cesare Beccaria Contribute To The Enlightenment

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During the eighteenth century France lived in an era where knowledge was abundant. The most influential thinkers of the day presented the ideas of the Enlightenment, a new European outlook on religion, society, and policies. The ideas that the thinkers examined demonstrate the importance of challenging existing institutions. As a French major, the body of knowledge that the Enlightenment scholars provided a lens into how past ideas can influence modern society. Throughout this essay, knowledge will serve as the cornerstone of technology in order to analyze the impact of the Enlightenment as an influential intellectual movement that laid the foundation of government, philosophy, ethics, and human rights.
At the core of the
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In his book, Crimes and Punishments Beccaria’s argument for penal reform reflected a discourse about the nature of society and the need for social change( Bellamy 9).The motivation behind the abolishment of the death penalty was because it was deemed inhumane. Beccaria 's purpose was to make punishment the chief instrument of reform. His work inspired intellectuals throughout Europe and in North America. Jeremy Bentham credited Beccaria with being ‘the father of Censorial Jurisprudence’. At the end of the eighteenth and nineteenth century Beccaria’s ideas inspired many significant reforms, Tuscany abolished the death penalty in 1786 and France followed suit in …show more content…
In 2000, the writer Renaud Camus a self-styled defender of a certain idea of France and of French tradition lamented the number of foreign Jewish names on the radio and in the media while expressing nostalgia for a purer vieille France (Old France) apparently devoid of Jews, or at least a France where Jewish influence is minimized (Lindemann & Levy 137). Similar to the thoughts expressed by Voltaire in the eighteenth century, some French citizens today hold anti-semitic views in regards to the Jewish people. A survey completed by the America’s Anti-Defamation Leagued found that 37% of people in France harboured some kind of anti- Jewish attitude. Verbal manifestations of anti-semitism in modern France have been accompanied by violent acts against Jews. In 2006, a youth gang in the suburbs of Paris tortured and murdered a young Jewish salesman named Ilan Halimi for over a period of three weeks. In May 2012, gunman Mohammed Merah shot dead, seven people, including three children and a young rabbi outside their Jewish school. On Monday, December, 4th 2014 a young woman was raped at her home in the suburb of Paris. The assailants burst into the flat and muttered: “You Jews, you have money.” The stereotypes of Jews regarded as wealthy have roots in the eighteenth century. According to an

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