Essay on The Theory Of Science Teachers Association

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In this class, the diverse learner pairs with peers within the group who help if the diverse student has a problem understanding. Scientific discourse is written in the carbon atom group worksheet. This is one of Hanauer 's components. If the diverse student cannot understand the worksheet, the peer pairing helps the diverse student with language or reading. The teacher monitors visiting each group asking questions. Teacher looks for understanding in the diverse learners. If the diverse student needs help beyond the peer pairing 's ability, the teacher jumps in to help. Scientific discourse is justified because it encourages the diverse student to make statements and ask questions. The scientific discourse helps the diverse student learn the lesson and meet the curriculum.
2. Scientific inquiry The National Science Teachers Association (2014) defines scientific inquiry as, “the diverse ways in which scientists study the natural world and propose explanations based on the evidence derived from their work. Scientific inquiry also refers to the activities through which students develop knowledge and understanding of scientific ideas, as well as an understanding of how scientists study the natural world."

The difference between scientific discourse and scientific inquiry is difficult to understand. Review the Hanauer list for scientific discourse. Both discourse and inquiry can be verbal, written, or text. Scientific inquiry is written or verbal and imparts…

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