Essentials Of Physical Anthropology Essay

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How do we know what we know about human evolution? The scientific method is a process of methods that has portrayed natural science since the 17th century. In the book Essentials Of Physical Anthropology, by Clark Spencer Larsen, Larsen describes the scientific method as the foundation of science (Larsen 2016:14). In the following, I will explain the components/stages of the scientific method, as well as why it is never just a theory, and the difference between physical, and social science when applying the scientific method. The main component of the scientific method is the research question. Having the research question established you are able to achieve a proposed explanation on something based on available knowledge. To come up with a question, you must be an observer first. Curiosity can lead to a question that one might want further knowledge of. A perfect example would be how in the documentary The Mystery Of The Miami Circle, the narrator Michael Lumsden, explains how the circles could have been the most exciting finding in America (Anez 2013). The random circles in the ground where found in July 1988 by some archeologist when inspecting a property in Miami, Florida right where Miami …show more content…
Anthropology is a perfect example of social science, the study of the humankind from the perspective of all people. Physical science has to do with the scientific method; always growing and changing as scientist curiosity explore new ideas. Theory would be part of physical science, and social science. The difference in social science theory and physical science theory is that social science theories are frameworks of evidence to study a social phenomenon. They both have distinctive objects of study, methodology and experimental philosophies, however the boundaries between both are not at times

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