The Theory Of Progressive Democracy Essay

1777 Words Dec 3rd, 2015 8 Pages
There are an innumerable amount of terms to describe the nature of democracy, and this paper will aim to bring forth yet another one. Each term has its own different definition attached to it, ranging from the original, participatory form that did not have any notion of a hierarchy, to the more modern liberal democracy that instead relies on this notion of a hierarchy. Democracy is the movement that never stands still; it sails on the ship that is progressiveness. Progress is what has allowed democracy to be shaped and molded so often, and this is largely the reason as to why it has so many different terms that attempt to describe it. The issue with each of these descriptors, however, is that they are only valid until another term is considered more accurate. The democracy we will live in tomorrow will never be the same as it was yesterday, and because of this, this paper will aim to introduce the idea of progressive democracy. To begin in describing this, it is important to look at where democracy began, and how it managed to become such a different system today. This incredible amount of change points to the importance of progressiveness, and that without progress, democracy is nothing. Perhaps the only real certainty in democracy is where it originated. It is an accepted fact that the Athenians were the first to practice it, though it was in a much different form. The beginnings of democracy took a participatory form, where citizens engaged in active discussion on…

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