Essay The Theory Of Motivation Theory

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Motivation: can be defined as those factors which make a person to be zealous or more committed to doing something. It usually comes from the sense of satisfaction which a person gains from successful completion of a project (What is Motivation, 2013).
Motivation theory: Motivation means accomplishing things through the efforts of others.
There are four types of motivational theory:
a. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs: are about five needs to motivate the employees. These are physiological needs, safety/security, social/affiliation and one’s esteem ie (self and from others.
b. Herzberg’s two factors theory: states that being satisfied with one’s job is equivalent to being motivated; “a satisfied worker is a motivated worker. Job satisfaction with Job dissatisfaction has two separate concepts with unique determinants. The two factors are known as: Hygiene and motivator factors. Hygiene factors are all about payment, fringe benefits, working conditions and interpersonal relations. Whereas the motivator factors are referred to as work itself, responsibility, advancement and recognition. Ms Hogan would have complimented the staff for their hard work especially those who have worked there for over twenty years. Give them promotion and pay rise before bringing in new policy. Employees would be more motivated if she could increase their payment and recognise their efforts and hard work and then give them reward for that.
c. Vroom’s expectancy theory is about the idea of people being…

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