Two Types Of Utilitarianism

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What is utilitarianism? It is a theory of normative ethics that straightforwardly identifies good or bad, moral or immoral. It answers the question with an analysis focusing on whether a particular action or type of action makes people happy, and if so, it is good. Utilitarianism asserts that the right action is the one that most increases the happiness of the most number of people involved. It produces the most favorable balance of good over evil, everyone considered. The purpose of morality in utilitarianism is to make life better, increasing the good things, and decreasing the bad things. Some examples of good things include pleasure and happiness, and, for bad things, pain and unhappiness.
In ethical theory, the morals are
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According to utilitarianism, it is describe as quantitative.
The main goal, the duty for humans in utilitarianism, is to maximize pleasure and minimized pain. There are two types of utilitarianism as there is act and rule utilitarianism. Both of them seem to be very identical and similar but have differences as rule utilitarianism is about rules and not disobeying no rule because if it is violated then it is doing something wrong, immoral. However, act-utilitarianism is quite different and only looking at the consequences, pretty much relying on the rules of thumb.
Act-utilitarianism uses the rule of thumb specifically to determine what is right or wrong. In act-utilitarianism there is no specifically a rule of everything, it is more different, there is no necessarily something in specific to say is wrong since when there is an opportunity to make a good action, act-utilitarianism is not going to say no, because is not under a set of rules that have to be done. If a human being has the opportunity to do something not right in the eye of the rules, it is okay for utilitarianism since doing something right even though is not okay for the rules. It will not affect as much because it will have a good side effect that will benefit other. It all depends on whether more well-being is achieve. Act-utilitarianism is a theory of not killing, stealing, committing
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It is to obey the rules no matter what, without getting the opportunity to think about it, as if is right or wrong, if is beneficial or not. There are several examples that relate to rule-utilitarianism as the yield sign that permits drivers to decide if stop or not. It is as something that they will always have to stop whether there is a car or not, because it is a rule and the rules have to be obey. however there are arguments against this rule since for example when there are no cars coming or any danger facing, people are just wasting their time in there, like the time they could have waste it somewhere else. In rule is questioning “what if everyone followed this

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