The Theory Of Law Of Conservation Of Mass Stated By Antoine Lavoisier

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This practical experiment is based is based on the theory of Law of Conservation of Mass stated by Antoine Lavoisier. Antoine Lavoisier was a French nobleman who had a major influence on the history of chemistry and biology. Today he is considered to be the “father of modern chemistry.” In all his experiment he supported the Law of Conservation of Mass. Antoine stated this in his theory, “The law of conservation of mass states that mass can neither be created nor destroyed in a chemical reaction. Thus, the amount of matter cannot change.” He also wrote on a further explanation, “This law says that when a chemical reaction rearranges atoms into a new product, the mass of the reactants is the same as the mass of the products.” This experiment demonstrates this theory and therefore no mass of the copper cannot be created or destroyed in the end of this experiment. Although copper is going to be mixed with different compounds of copper nitrate, copper hydroxide, copper oxide and copper sulfate in the final reaction between the copper sulfate and copper oxide the whole compound of copper that was originally weighed before the start of the reaction will be turned back to the original form of copper metal.

The main aim of this experiment is to observe changes when the chemicals have combined with one another. This experiment must demonstrate and prove the Law of Conservation of Mass to observe changes. This experiment must…

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