The Theory Of Evolution And Evolution Essay

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Creation and evolution are two very different beliefs with very different ideas and many different aspects. Creationists believe in God and that he is the one who created man and keep things running smoothly. There are many different types of creationists. In the theory of evolution created by Charles Darwin one organism evolved into the world that exists today. The organism doesn’t have a beginning and it doesn’t seem to have and end either. The idea of transformation in both of these concepts is very different. The major difference between transformation in creation and transformation in evolution is that the evolutionist’s transformation is physical while the creationist’s transformation is spiritual.
Creationism is the belief that all things created were created by a divine work or being. In Genesis 1:1 the bible says, “… God created…” This is where it all began according to the bible and creationist. The story starts with God creating the world and on the sixth day he created man and on the seventh day he rested. Sometime after that, Eve listens to the serpent, eats the fruit, gives the fruit to Adam, he eats the fruit, and then sin enters into the world. According to creationism, the world is around six thousand years old. Creationism is much older than the evolution theory. It takes more than one would realize to agree with the story of creation. It takes belief and acceptance, which also goes along with the concept of transformation. There are many types of…

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