Essay on The Theory Of Evolution And Creationism

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Response Paper
In taking this course I have learned a great deal of information regarding the theory of evolution and creationism. To be completely honest, I never paid much attention to this material when it was presented to me in high school. However, my perspective has certainly changed since starting this class. I used to believe evolution was complete rubbish but there is actually a significant amount of reasoning behind their claims. However, as a Christian, faith will trumps reason. I actually never truly cared to learn about Creationism until this class. I feel the more I complete this class the more objective I become, which is amazing because I am highly opinionated. But now, I can see why many people believe in evolution, it makes sense. People desire answers and logic that explains why the world is the way it is. I understand the difficulty surrounding the study of Origins now because one cannot truly perform experiments to test the differing origin hypotheses. Thus, they will forever be theories and supported inferences unproven by the scientific method.
I must say my first encounter with this course truly captivated my attention and defenses. Eugenie Scott, Executive Director of The National Center for Science Education gave a lecture on September 29, 2008 for the Stanford Continuing Studies course on Darwin 's Legacy (Stanford University, 2008). This was a very difficult assign for me to complete in all honesty. I found the video to be very intriguing and was…

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