Essay on The Theory Of Cognitive Development

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Cognitive development is emergence of the ability to think and understand, and as time progressed we as humans began to reason and understand why there is an emergence of the ability to think and understand at a higher order within our civilizations history. From what began as Jean Piagets understanding of the operational stages of cognitive development. With an emergence of this and a new field of study, neuroscience, there was an overlap between cognitive development and how the psychology of humans influences higher-order development. We begin to see the dispute between higher-order conscious development vs. psychological process and the similarities and differences in the conceptualization of cognitive development.

The ability to think and understand has been the cornerstone in cognitive development in humans. Being able to think fluidly and understand concepts which may at first seem foreign has been the keystone to American society. Through times which humans have seen: social, economic and even religious instability; cognition has provided an essential tool to limit negative consequences. The genesis of cognition and learning has thoroughly been debated throughout all of history and is still regarded as one of the most controversial topics of our time. Before even the late 19th century rationalist like Plato and Rene Descartes argued that learning was the result of nature taking its course on the human mind. But many of these earlier concepts were not…

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