The Theorists Like Micheal Foucault And Judith Butler Essays

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Theorists like Micheal Foucault and Judith Butler have provided great insight on various topics and critiquing what does not get questioned. Foucault has inspired Butler when it comes to the topics of gender and sex. Butler challenges the ideas that have been inculcated in our own culture by exposing the truth behind what is considered normal and critiquing the binaries in society. Queer theory is important to address because of the lack of knowledge our society has on queerness. Butler’s ideas on queerness and gender will not only empower others, but it will help social workers in their practice.
One of Butler’s ideas is that sex, gender and sexuality are not linked together. Butler questions the distinction between sex and gender. Butler believes that sex has been artificially imposed on gender, and argues this has been a construct that has been created over time. She readily assumes that the sex of a person does not cause gender or desire toward the opposite sex, therefore arguing that sex, gender, and desire are flexible (Nylund, 2016, slide 7). For example, our culture has imposed the idea that females must like feminine things and males must prefer masculine things. This is especially instilled at a very young age when a child is developing. Parents or family members will buy toys according to the sex of the baby or child. Additionally, toys in particular are designed in a way that start to reinforce sexist ideas that males work with tools, cars, and play sports…

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