The Theories Of The Nursing Practice Essay

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In nursing, research is not carried out simply to answer research questions or test hypotheses, but rather, it is conducted to develop thorough testing or generating of theory, a body of knowledge exceptional to the field (Gillis & Jackson, 2002). Theories offer a framework or structure that describes, predicts, and explains. They also provide organization of nursing knowledge and a systematic means of gathering information to predict, explain, and describe the nursing practice. Notably, theories exceptional to nursing assist in defining how nursing is distinct from other fields. Theories that focus on central phenomena within nursing revolving around the concepts of person, environment, nursing, and health, are referred to as nursing theories (McEwen & Willis, 2002). These theories are further categorized into a grand theory which describes a comprehensive conceptual structure, middle-range theory, describing a structure that is relatively concentrated and prescriptive or practice theory which is the smallest in scope. Grand theories are considered to be quite complicated and wider in scope. They are also not useful as guides for nursing practice. Most often, grand theories need further specification and separation of general statements for them to be theoretically justified and empirically tested (Gillis & Jackson, 2002). Middle-range theories which were initially introduced in the late 1960s look at a part of reality and constitute precisely defined variables in which…

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