Essay on The Theories Of Realism And Liberalism

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Realism and Liberalism, two very renowned theories and practices of international relations, which both have different perspectives towards security structure, human rights/nature and international systems. Both of these theories trace back to their intellectual roots. Realism related back to Thucydides’ classic account of the Peloponnesian War in the fifth-century B.C and the liberalist tradition is usually traced back to Enlightenment, which is mainly traced back to main philosophers, John Locke and on a number of matters Immanuel Kant. (Morgan 2013) The purpose of this essay is to compare and contrast the two theories of Realism and Liberalism, and the ways the perspectives dominate contemporary international politics and conflicting effects which are in practice in security.
Realism, describes “an approach to philosophy that regards external objects as the most fundamentally real things with perceptions or ideas as secondary. Realismis thus opposed to idealism. Materialism and naturalism are forms of realism”, according to (The American Heritage 2015) . The Realist’s theory can be portrayed as being self-centered and only wanting what is best for themselves, in a competitive manner. Also based around the importance of power and strategies. A perspective which has also been shared by an English philosopher Thomas Hobbes and Thucydides. The Realist influence prominently came from Kenneth Waltz’s Theory of international Politics (1979) which converted the ideas of the…

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