The Theories Of Interactional View And Genderlect Styles Essay examples

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As we delve deeper into our theories on interpersonal communication, we begin to learn more about ourselves and how to interact with the people around us. Whether they are in our lives on a personal, professional or combined capacity. This week I have decided to look at the theories of Interactional View and Genderlect Styles (Griffin, 2015). When we study Interactional View, a theory developed by Paul Watzlawick, we can see how communication has shaped us into the people we are today. Watzlawick uses axioms to describe his theory. They are: one cannot not communicate, communication = content + relationship, the nature of a relationship depends on how both parties punctuate the communication sequence, and all communication is either symmetrical or complimentary (Griffin, 2015). In these axioms, Watzlawick shows how our relationships exist. As I read over these I saw how my relationship with my wife has grown. We have only known each other for two years and we have been married for a little over a year. Yes a very quick courtship into marriage. I see these axioms already formed well in our relationship or still growing. We are strong when it comes to the one cannot not communicate. This axiom didn’t take long to build. It probably helped we are older and have been married before. Also, we have learned techniques over our careers to help pick out non-verbals. Her facial expressions usually tell me everything I need to know. Without a word I know if she is happy, sad or mad…

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