The Theories And Theories Of Development Essay

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Theories provide the whys for development, which theories are organized ideas that explain development. There are five different theories, which I believe that all five have influenced development in my life. For example, in the psychodynamic theory it we are taught how to resolve conflicts they we face at different ages, which is how Erikson eight stages come into play. Starting from birth I learned who I was able to trust and as the years passed by I learned to be independent, learn new abilities, basic skill that helped me work with others, sense of self, commitment and viewing life that was worth living. The learning theory influenced my personal behavior by examining and experience which this had two different consequences which are rewarding or punishment. Reinforcement increased me to do things even more for example, if I did something good like my mom asked me to clean the house and when I finish she would take me to go get some ice cream then I would do it more often. Versus if my mom told me I can’t play outside with my friend because I did not finish my homework then I would more than likely not do that again because I being punished. What also helped me develop was social learning, I learned to watch people do stuff and waited to see what the outcome was going to be. A few examples are when I did track and field in high school and my coach asked me to do the hurdle race, and sense I’ve never done it before, I asked to watch the other team member do it so that I…

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