The Theories And Perspectives Of International Relations Essay

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Within international relations there are quite a few different political theories and perspectives. Realism is known as being one of the oldest theory which is also known as political realism, it’s a view within international relations which condones the idea of competition for power and the conflict side of things for example wars. Theories like idealism and liberalism is usually used to contrast the idea of realism because they encourage the idea of cooperation. The realist view point is about looking out for your own state, being protective of their own security, thinking about their own national interest and the struggle of both gaining and keeping the power. Realists usually believe that the international system is directed by anarchy, this would mean that there is no actual authority for all states that oversees them. This means that international politics is a battle for power between self-interested states.

States work so that they can increase their own power. The reason why realists believe that everything is fundamentally about survival and competition for power is because they believe that the world that we live in is a cruel and a hazardous place to be living, the only thing which we can have for certain is power. A state without power is not worth anything. A state which is powerful is also going to be able to exceed and survive the weaker competitors and will have countries fearing them. The type of power which makes a state powerful is the form of military…

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